Wine & Halflife success, but ...

knochestolle knochestolle at
Tue Mar 5 14:53:14 CST 2002

Rick Romero wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-03-05 at 14:18, Plato wrote:
>>On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 06:37:23PM +0100, Tim Plessers wrote:
>>>I have sound in the Halflife Menu's (I can hear the clicking sounds when 
>>>clicking on menu items) but I have NO sound in the game.
>>I have a feeling that I had exactly the same problem.  (Although I might not
>>have had sound in the menus, can't remember.)
>>I have a Sound Blaster Live, do you?  Perhaps it's a soundcard related issue.
> Have either of you tried Transgaming's Wine?  I tried the latest CVS
> this morning, and they've addressed a 'focus' issue I've seen on my
> primary application.
> If sound is broke because the app lost focus, (like alt-tab), maybe
> transgamings cvs will work for you.  (and it's only $5/month for a
> worthy cause :)
> Rick
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i have experimented a lot with wine-versions and counterstrike under 
linux and had everytime the same problem with ingame sound. Finally i 
tried the wine-version from 22.01.2002 (20020122) which works great. I 
had nothing to change in the wine config and in the counterstrike 
config. The game runs great and i have sound.

But since yesterday i am trying to install Medal of honor under wine. 
The game seems to run but crashes in single player mode when i turn 
around, multiplayer mode runs without any errors. If somebody has a 
solution for this problem, i would be very thankfull.


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