Wine, Windowmaker and the workspace-shortcut

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Wed Mar 6 10:47:52 CST 2002

On Wed, 6 Mar 2002 oliverfuchs1 at wrote:

> Hi all, I am using wine from SuSe 7.3 Pro on Windomaker to run my Lotus
> Notes under Linux.
> My Question: How can I still use my windowmaker-shortcuts to switch to the
> next workspace (Ctrl-Alt-Right/Left) while running Wine .... Wine does not
> give me the possibility while running the windows application (Lotus
> Notes) to accept this shortcut for Windowmaker ... is there a chance to
> change or enable this?
> Oliver

I'm sort of GUI challenged, so maybe I don't understand the question,
but AFAICT those same shortcuts work with icewm and wine.  Only problem
I see is that if you switch while an app is raising a window, it goes on
the new workspace so the app can get spread out some, but you can switch
the window back with control-alt-shift-arrow.

I don't have LN, but it works with I_view32 and juno.


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