ASIFONT:FON not found

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at
Thu Mar 7 02:52:12 CST 2002

Hi there,

T'was a few months since I checked archives, I didn't see any mention of 
ASIFONT.FON back then anyway.

Thing is I've been trying to run a few older Macromedia productions (childrens 
games mostly).
They rather consequently fail with something like this:
(example taken from a rather new (cvs)winex, but behaviour has been similar for 
ordinary wine as long as I can remember)

Could not stat /mnt/fd0 (No such file or directory), ignoring drive A:
fixme:keyboard:X11DRV_KEYBOARD_DetectLayout Your keyboard layout was not found!
Using closest match instead (United States International keyboard layout) for 
scancode mapping.
Please define your layout in windows/x11drv/keyboard.c and submit them
to us for inclusion into future Wine releases.
See the Wine User Guide, chapter "Keyboard" for more information.
err:module:PE_fixup_imports Module (file) tsd32.dll (which is needed by 
C:\windows\system\tssoft32.acm) not found
err:win32:PE_LoadLibraryExA can't load C:\windows\system\tssoft32.acm
fixme:font:AddFontResourceA ("G:\\spel\\mumin\\ASIFONT.FON"): stub! Read the 
Wine User Guide on how to install this
font manually.
Printing disabled in wine.conf or .winerc file
Use "printer=on" in the "[wine]" section to enable it.
err:dc:CreateDCA no driver found for DIRDIB
wine: Unhandled exception, starting debugger...
err:seh:EXC_DefaultHandling Unhandled exception code c0000005 flags 0 addr 

Thing is, this font does not exist, I assume it is handled internally in the 
application somehow...
I realise it's also trying to load a dll tsd32.dll... this doesn't exist on my 
system, loading works fine under windows though... (not sure this error is 
visible under standard wine)

I always thought the main issue was the ASIFONT error, hmmm now I'm not so sure, 
any suggestions??


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