How to troubleshoot network woes with Wine?

Frank Joerdens frank at
Fri Mar 8 09:39:37 CST 2002

The app which I am currently trying to get to work properly (Cinema4D
network rendering client - it does work 90%, depending on how you look
at it) does some weird things, like receiving jobs from a server,
computing them, and sending the rendered scenes back to the server
(actually I don't know if it's sending them back, or if the server is
fetching them; I don't even know what the general mechanism is: ftp,
http, smb . . . ). Now, except for the occasional crash (sometimes after
a few hours of rendering), everything works except the sending back of
rendered scenes to the server. Exasperatingly, it sometimes *does* work,
i.e. some scenes do get sent back sometimes . . . 

I don't have any idea at the moment how I would go about narrowing down
the possible reasons for this. How do you tackle networking stuff with
wine in general?

Regards, Frank

(it would be frustrating if I had to pack in so close to the finishing
line . . . ) 

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