How to troubleshoot network woes with Wine?

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Fri Mar 8 10:18:11 CST 2002

On Fri, 8 Mar 2002, Frank Joerdens wrote:

> I don't have any idea at the moment how I would go about narrowing down
> the possible reasons for this. How do you tackle networking stuff with
> wine in general?
> Regards, Frank
> (it would be frustrating if I had to pack in so close to the finishing
> line . . . )

Well, in general, all Wine services are actually provided by the
underlying *NIX OS, so if your windows app will be able to connect to
something, a native Linux app would too.  Windows ftp, telnet, and http
use winsocks, which in turn uses *NIX sockets, so AFAICT these clients
behave very much like the native *NIX ones...

All I know to do to try to get my teeth into an unknown app is to run a
relay trace and try to see what Windows services it is trying to use
when it fails.  Well, usually I use $relay to filter out some of the
more repetitive calls.

[whit at giftie whit]$ printenv |grep relay
[whit at giftie whit]$ tty
[whit at giftie whit]$ cat /dev/vcc/5|fold|trail >oof

I haven't checked that to make sure they are all there and spelled
correctly, but maybe it will give you an idea.

Maybe somebody else knows the app and has a better idea.


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