installing msoffice97

Adinda Praditya linapps at
Sun Mar 10 16:41:30 CST 2002

I run setup.exe for msoffice97, and i got dialogbox :
tittle = "Setup Error 530"
message = This is an invalid command line option:
button = OK

when i pressed OK shows another dialogbox:
tittle = Setup - Usage
message = Usage:
	  setup [/A] [/G filename] [/Q[[0[1][T]] [/R] [/U[A]] [/X
filename] [/Y]
	  /A 		Administrator mode
	  /G filename	Generate logfile of installation activity
	  /Q[[0[1][T]	Quiet install mode (0 shows exit, 1 hides
exit, T hides
	  		all display)
	  /R		Reinstall the application
	  /U[A]		Uninstall the application but leave shared
	  		(/UA to remove all)
	  /X filename	Set Network Log Location for tracking install
	  /Y		Install without copying files
button = OK
when i pressed OK it is terminated

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