Big regressions - what's happening ?

Pavel Troller patrol at
Fri Mar 15 13:15:17 CST 2002

  I've updated wine from CVS today and I must say I'm really disappointed.
  1) Dynatext reader: Works, but dialog boxes (like "Do You really want to
quit") contain only the bubble with question mark and no text/buttons to
  2) Measuring instrument remote control: Cannot open the serial port, wants
to complain but again, displays empty box with yellow triangle and
exclamation mark. After clicking the box close button the app crashes.
  3) Nokia logo manager: Silently crashes, wine returns to the shell but some
forked process remains running, the window is dead, the remaining wine must
be killed (this closes the window) and socket removed manually.
  Sorry for reporting that, but 20020310 is a _real_ breakage for me.

                                              With regards, Pavel Troller

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