Corel WordPerfect Suite (6.1) for Windows 3.1 [WINE/Linux ]

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sun Mar 17 11:20:31 CST 2002

I can't quite get this to work on WINE.

Installation complains that:


are not implemented, but installation almost finished OK so it may be
installed OK.

Except that it can't appear to find the DLLs that come with it.  Running
the installation over, it complains that it can't read the DLLs if they
are already installed.  Then when I try to execute WP, I get an error
that it can't load the DLLs.

Everything in my fake windows directory is: 777.

Any suggestions?

Note that the DLLs that the installer said that it couldn't read (and I
presume that the executable can't read) are in: 

my fake: "C:/windows/system/" directory.


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