What's up ?

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Thu Mar 21 10:45:31 CST 2002

  I already asked once but got no reply so I'm trying again...
  For some time, it seems that there is something seriously broken here.
Any windows dialog box pops up either without anything witten in it,
just the symbol (like yellow triangle with an exclamation mark) being
drawn, or there is something written, but the buttons which are normally
there (Yes/No, OK/Cancel...) are missing at all, so it's not possible to
click on them. The app shows this faulty dialog for a while and then
obviously crashes.
  I'm asking because it may be caused by a change on my system - I recently
changed the compiler from gcc-2.95.3 to gcc-3.0.4 and I'm not sure if this
couldn't be a problem of a hidden compiler bug or something similar.
  So, I'm asking:
  - whether somebody else is observing this strange behaviour, or
  - whether somebody is already compiling wine with 3.x gcc compiler.
  Any help would be highly appreciated, I already adapted my system for
using wine and now I almost can't.

                                       With regards, Pavel Troller

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