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Rizsanyi Zsolt rizsanyi at
Thu Mar 21 17:54:57 CST 2002


I have some focus problems with wine if I use the managed mode.
When I start the application it has focus. But if I switch to another window, 
and back, then the window gets its focus (the window decorations shows it), 
but the windows app does not get it. If I click somewhere in the window, then 
it gets the focus properly, but before that even the shortcuts does not work.

With one app it can be seen clearly because its an mdi application, and the 
inner windows do not get focus while I dont click IN the window of the app.

I usually do the changing using Alt-Tab, but it is the same if I click on the 
window decoration to change the active window.

I use the latest wine (updated from cvs yesterday), although it was present 
in the march 10th release. I'm not sure if it was present before that, but it 
easily could be (I did not use wine regularly before that).

Also I'm using KDE (with its default window manager) version 2.2 on Redhat 

And it happens with both application I have installed on my fake windows.

You can consider this as a bug report :), but if you can give me some good 
pointer where to fix this, then maybe I can look after it, though I think 
that this is trivial to fix, and it is easier to fix it, than to help me to 
fix it :) (I'm pretty new to wine and X programming).

I have also tried to switch to run the program(s) in desktop mode. Then I 
dont have focus problems, but if I switch beetween the windows with Alt-TAB 
then when I switch back to wine then the wine works as if I'm holding the Alt 
key, though I'm not. (The same happens with the Ctrl key if I use Ctrl-TAB to 
switch beetween virtual desktops).

Best regards
Zsolt Rizsanyi

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