ExitThread won't.

Geoffrey Hausheer rlvuq001 at sneakemail.com
Thu Mar 21 16:22:35 CST 2002

Okay, so with complete lack of any other ideas, I tried to 
figure out what was wrong with my app (Proxomitron), which
is leaving unkillable processes around.

So I went into ExitThread, and added something like:
    DPRINTF("%08lx:Exiting thread...(%d)\n", GetCurrentThreadId(),getpid());

right at the top of the function.
And, lo and behold, the processId matches the processes 
that 'ps' can't kill. So the 'exit' isn't actually 
terminating the process.  How is that possible?

This was all done against today's CVS.

I don't know which messages in the trace might indicate
what is going wrong.  Does anyone have any ideas?


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