[WINE] Cant find directory /windows/Fonts

Chi Hue mystikarc at softhome.net
Sun Mar 24 01:47:31 CST 2002

  Hello, you might remember me from the previous problem with X :)
I found out what I did wrong, I had installed from a CVS, but not usign
the install script, which helped out alot with the config file. this
time however, when I ran zmud.exe , it complained that
the directory, /windows/Fonts . diddnt exist (which it doesnt), So I
created the directory, to see what it would do, and then it just hangs.
I assume it is trying to load up a font which either X doesnt support,
or most apps dont use...anyone know a fix for this? I looked at the
winehq help, but it didnt have anything relating to my problem (and I
even tried some of the fixes for other problems,, with no go)

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