[WINE] new ICQ, and com dlls

Chi Hue mystikarc at softhome.net
Wed Mar 27 21:14:57 CST 2002

Maybe im the only one.. but I find putting the message type [WINE] in
the header
a very usefull tool when ppl like me get alot of mail...
anyway, I tried to install the new version of ICQ using wine, and I got
a bad version for
'50comupd.exe' (which is com components), wine iteself installs 4.01 ,
not 5.0 .
I installed 5.0, and it seems to install correctly, however I guess it
doesnt do it properly
(or isnt set in the registry maybe?), because its like it isnt there,
and still complains
about not having 5.0 (its still using 4.01)
Its the icq on the download page, and
the com update components can be downloaded at:

Anything else I should include?

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