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Sat Mar 30 06:07:36 CST 2002

WINEPREFIX tells wine where to look for it's configureation information.
the default is a subdirectory of you home directory called ".wine".
it contains you config, registry files and some other stuff.

the generic.ppd file is one of the other stuff.  it tells wine how to print.
it should be in your .wine directory.  also if you have a ppd for your 
specific printer use that instead.

hope that helps

On Saturday 30 March 2002 04:33, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to Wine. I really want to investigate into it. I also
> appreciate and want to say thankyou for all the work that wine
> developers done.
> I've got the following message from running Adobe Illustrator... does
> anyone know what is %WINEPREX% ?
> Couldn't find PPD file '%WINEPREFIX%/generic.ppd', expect a crash now!
> Thanks.
> David
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