New to wine question concerning Path Variable

Scott Unruh Scott.Unruh at
Mon Nov 4 11:18:33 CST 2002

Well, that's what I thought.  I was getting this info from the section
"Setting Windows/DOS environment variables" of the Wine User Guide. It
talked about export MYVARIABLE=myvariable or editing the /etc/profile. I see
what you are saying. I think I went down the wrong path too early.  


>> My problem is: it's looking for an entry in the PATH environment variable
>> that includes 'C:\COBOL' which stores library files it looks for when
>> starting the program.  I r.t.f.m. and made entries into /etc/profile.

>It doesn't appear you rtfm'd the _right_ fm :-)

>> did not produce desirable results. (I was locked out of x-windows) From
>> I have read and what I see in /etc/profile, the colon is a special
>> character.

>Your linux PATH isn't the same as your Wine PATH.  Think about it.

>See ~/.wine/config.  Look for the [wine] section, and put your cobol path

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