Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net
Tue Nov 5 23:39:40 CST 2002

Klaus Niederkrueger wrote:

>There is this (freeware) game called Dink Smallwood, which I would like to
>play and it almost works but not quite:
>You walk around in this game in a view from above, but wine does not draw
>the floor tiles, which is quite annoying.
>So I printed out the debugging-manual and tried to figure out, what's
>going on. There are two function calls, which I believe to have identified
>as the culprits:
> DIB_DirectDraw_Blt
> DIB_DirectDraw_BltFast
>The first function call complains saying that DBLT_ASYNC|DBLT_WAIT is not
>supported, but as far as I understand the source code, still everything
>should be rendered.
Yes Async/wait should have no affect at since we are not dealing with 

>The second function is also called a lot and here I am not so sure, what
>happens. Is this function completely implemented? I think it is strange
>that the last argument is zero, whenever the game calls it. I read the
>specification on the ms-homepage and it does not say that you can call it
>with a zero parameter.
That I suppose would be strange  

>I think this debugging is very nice (I think it is nicer than actually
>playing the game), but I'm far from understanding everything and so I
>would be very gratefull for some help.
Could you start a bug in bugzilla ( http:\\bugs.winehq.org )  with a 
link to where the program can be downloaded. I  or  Lionel might be able 
to fix it.

Your welcome

Tony Lambregts

PS: I know you sent this a couple weeks ago but I am just catching up on 
this list

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