Printing under Wine - Mission Impossible?

Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Nov 6 10:18:30 CST 2002

Dan Fer wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been trying to print under apps running with wine for a while.
> In wine docs it says wine automatically detect CUPS printer. Well, I have 
> CUPS installed, everything prints great, except apps running under wine, 
> which say that no printers are installed.
> CUPS version installed. Debian woody version -
> Wine version installed. Prepackaged Deb 20021013.
> Can anyone point me and explain how can I truly print right now under Wine 
> (using cups or not, wine docs are not very trustfull. (I would thank a lot 
> if the help would be detailed).

Currently, Wine has to be compiled with support for whatever printing 
system you have. Hopefully someday that will change. In the meantime, 
that means that if the repackaged Deb 20021013 was not compiled with 
CUPS support, then the CUPS printing likely will not work.

So I guess, you could try to find out whether that package has CUPS 
support, or try to find another package that has it. Or just get source 
and compile (be sure to uninstall the version you have first). Yes that 
is a little more difficult to figure out the first time, but it really 
is not as hard as it first appears (in my opinion). And once you have 
done it once, it is very easy anytime thereafter.

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