Printing under Wine - Mission Impossible?

Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Nov 6 17:52:57 CST 2002

Kevin DeKorte wrote:
> Here is the results of Notepad doing a print of one
> line of text.
> I have two printers both networked.
> I can print from Native Linux apps fine to both
> printers.

For what it is worth, I recently tried printing to two networked 
printers from Wine/CUPS to printers connected to a computer running 
standard lprng.

Printing from Linux apps (Mozilla) worked fine to both printers; an 
Epson Stylus Color and a PCL HP LaserJet. But from Wine, I could only 
print to the LaserJet. The print jobs to the Epson were sent, but never 
finished and printed.

Since I do not normally use networked printers, I did not bother to 
track down where the problem is. But there appears to be something about 
the way wine creates print files that makes it difficult for remote 
printing. I suspect that the remote system is having a hard time 
figuring what kind of a file it is being sent.

If all this sounds similar to your setup, perhaps try within CUPS 
configuring another queue that points to the remote printer. But this 
time within CUPS select a generic postscript driver. I think what will 
happen is that CUPS will send a postscript file across to the remote 
system, and (assuming it is a computer running ghostscript) will then 
convert it to the native format of the printer.

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