Winsock problem: wine client error:0x86f30f0: pipe: Too many open files

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Thu Nov 7 21:13:35 CST 2002

Frank Joerdens wrote:

>I'm still battling with the bleedin' C4D Net client, which fails to do
>some of the network stuff that it's designed to do. Now I do get an
>error: If I leave the client open overnight, it eventually loses to
>connection to the server and the terminal window from where I started
>the client says:
>fixme:winsock:NtStatusToWSAError Status code c000011f converted to DOS error code 4
>wine client error:0x86f30f0: pipe: Too many open files
>if I do a
># netstat -na 
>on the Linux box, it will show 490 (!) open CLOSE_WAIT tcp connections
>to the IP address of the machine that runs the server application which
>is supposed to communicate with the client.
>Does that mean anything to anyone? Could I do more to pinpoint the
I think that Martin Wilck might be interested in this one. Could you 
start a bug in bugzilla for this  with the relevant information

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