Printing under Wine - Mission Impossible?

Kevin DeKorte kdekorte at
Fri Nov 8 11:23:26 CST 2002

Some more information about my printing problems.

I completely removed LPRgn and CUPS from my laptop. I
then reinstalled basic CUPS none of the cups-drivers

I then configured my CUPS setup and got Linux apps
printing (open office etc...)

I then edited my win.ini in my winroot/c/windows and
removed all the printers from there.

I opened up Lotus Notes in wine and tried to print. I
was able to get a print out, before it crashed my
printer, but the fonts were all mangled. So I renamed
my wineroot/c/windows/Fonts directory to something
else and reloaded Notes. I no had no anti-aliased
fonts in Wine. But when I printed I got a nice clean
printout that I expected. I renamed the Fonts
directory back and got my antialiased fonts back, but
the print out was corrupted.

So I have a choice I guess nice screen fonts or nice
print fonts but not both... argh!


RedHat 8.0
Wine CVS 
Cups 1.1.15
Printer is an HP DeskJet 1220C using the Cups deskjet
driver point to the printer on an LPD served print

I'll try with a postscript drivers.


Kevin DeKorte
kdekorte at

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