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Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Mon Nov 11 18:03:22 CST 2002

Josh Sakofsky wrote:

>when opening an excel file using wine with ms office2k version of excel,
>i don't get a message that the file is already opened by another user if
>i have the same file open on a windows workstation running excel 2k. I
>also tested opening a file first from my linux pc running wine, leaving
>the file open, and trying to access the same file from the windows pc...
>the default behavior of excel is to prompt the user that the file is in
>use and can only be opened for this something that i can
>control with wine in the config, or a feature that would need to be
>built in to wine?
I think It is something that needs to be added to wine and I think it 
would warrent a bug report .

Please have a look at this link before submitting a bug report.


Tony Lambregts

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