GetFileName95 Flags 0x00800000 not yet implemented

der engel frank frank at
Tue Nov 12 09:59:27 CST 2002

hi there,
I'm running a Mandrake 9.0 distribution with wine 20020804.
I don't have any windows installed. when I call wine XYZ,
it starts without problems. But if I want do open a file within the
windows-pgm, a console-message 
'fixme:commdlg:GetFileName95 Flags 0x00800000 not yet implemented'
appears, the program is freezed for about 5 minutes, the the 'open file
dialog' appears and everything works. 
next console-messages is
'err:dosfs:DRIVE_GetLabel Invalid or unreadable superblock on /dev/fd0
Invalid or unreadable superblock on /dev/fd0 (A:). Maybe not FAT?'
has this something to with to above problem?
I already googled the web for 'GetFileName95' but no solution for my
does anybody know how to get rid of the '5 minute wait'?
thanks a lot in advance,

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