nothing seems to work

Duane Clark dclark at
Mon Nov 18 16:33:34 CST 2002

vodka at wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I installed the latest wine tarball.  For some reason no applications
> work.  I'm using on a Redhat 8.0/Windows XP dual boot system.  Starting
> very simple applicatiosn doesnt work:

You are likely to have problems trying to use a bunch of WinXP DLLs and 
stuff. Hmm... like those you mention ;) Much better to use a fake 
windows file system. That has the added advantage that Wine won't mess 
up your real Windows partition. You can copy over things like fonts from 
WinXP, but you probably should try to use as many builtin DLLs as 
possible, though msvcrt from WinXP would probably be ok to use.

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