Kazaa lite and mandrake 9

Rick Romero rick at valeoinc.com
Thu Nov 21 07:13:27 CST 2002

On Thu, 2002-11-21 at 04:44, John Allman wrote:
> Hi - i have a fresh install of mandrake 9 and i cant get kazaa lite to 
> run under wine. My system is an athlon xp with a vt8233 soundcard (so 
> mandrake reports) and a riva 128 graphics card.
> kazaa lite installs fine with wine but when i go to run it it craps out. 
> I followed the instructions at 
> http://appdb.winehq.com/appview.php?appId=747 and ran it with -dll 
> comctl32,shlwapi,shdocvw=n. I am attempting to run kazaa lite 1.7.2 
> which i downloaded from here 
> http://p2p.edskes.com/kazaa_lite_172_english.exe. The version of wine is 
> wine-20020804-3 (at least that's what mandrake is calling it)

> Any suggestions? I'm a complete newbie to wine. I also tried running 
> kazaa lite 2.00 build 2 but got a "you have removed part of the program" 
> message (or something to that effect).
> I am willing to give anything a shot...

Try grabbing a newer version of Wine.  What you have is 20020804-3

Which is from Year 2002, Month 08, Day 04, -3 is Mandrake's build
version, so it's almost 4 months old.

The latest 'release' is 20021031, but you can also try building from
CVS. I've seen recent screenshots of Kazaa light working in Wine, so I
would assume that the older release is the issue.

Try that first. 


> thanks
> John
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