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Ian Timshel itschaotic at yahoo.ca
Fri Nov 22 13:03:20 CST 2002

On November 22, 2002 01:40 pm, you wrote:
> Greetings winers,
> I have resorted to wine for one reason, I found an ASF stream avifile
> will not play. I still believe it is a problem with the streams format
> but since it does work on Windows Media Player on a Windows box, I
> thought to give it a try. I installed wine as fake_windows and downloaded
> mpfull.exe from M$. It installed fine. I set the debugger and ran
> different incantations of the basic wine mplayer2.exe.
> Going with information I gathered from this lists archives and the news
> group, I changed quartz.dll to "native, builtin" but now I see errors for
> libntdll.so.
> I am very new to wine. I had successfully run MYST on a machine a year
> ago using codeweavers wine in a duell boot environment. This box has no
> Windows partition and it never will. Is there anyone or anyplace with a
> specific HOW-TO for getting Windows Media Player to run under wine
> fake_windows?
> farmer6re9
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Have you tried the following?

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