Tribes 1.x & Wine

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Sat Nov 23 02:10:10 CST 2002


Thanks for the suggestion.

I don't have x / xfree installed in this RedHat 8.0 Server Configuration.
I installed all dependencies to the wine rpm but only the few requested and 
not x.

Would that be a problem. On windows Tribes doesn't load the gui part
of the application, it just goes into command line server mode (like in a 
cmd/dos window).

Do you think I have to install a full X server.


At 11:48 AM 11/22/2002 -0800, Chris Berry wrote:
>>From: graham brookins <graham at>
>>Has anyone ever tried to actually get a tribes server
>>running under wine or another emulator?
>>fixme:ttydrv:TTYDRV_GetBitmapBits (54, 0x40262df0, 128): stub
>Go into your .wine config file and change GraphicsDriver = "ttydrv" to 
>GraphicsDriver = "x11drv"  I don't know why, but for some reason the 
>default configuration for wine is the terminal.
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