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Gregory D Hough mr6re9 at execulink.com
Sat Nov 23 07:55:54 CST 2002

On November 22, 2002 05:51 pm, you wrote:
> first make sure it isn't wma renamed to asf.
> beware of the windows's cult of extensions.
>  --- Gregory D Hough <mr6re9 at execulink.com> a écrit : > Greetings
> winers,
> > I have resorted to wine for one reason, I found an ASF stream avifile
> > will
> > not play. I still believe it is a problem with the streams format but
> > since
> > it does work on Windows Media Player on a Windows box, I thought to
> ===============
> Have you tried the following?
> http://avifile.sourceforge.net/download.htm
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Yes, I have the cvs build from 11-20-2002 and the latest available 
complementary packages.

FWIW--Using avifile, I cannot play the audio ONLY stream 
broadcast 10pm-1am EDT 7pm-11pm Pacific time.

Ironically I have no problem aviplaying audio and video of Billy Gates very 
own archived speech from 2002's International Consumer Electronics Show:
http://www.microsoft.com/winme/0201/17112/ces256.asx or slower bitrate

It is for this reason I believe the Rense3.asx redirection file and/or the 
stream it points to is screwed up. CRN Media is of little help in this 
matter, they cater primarily to Winslaves and only offer Win alternatives in 
the form Windows Media Station Files (Noder or NSC) and archived shows as 
WMA's. If at all possible, I'd be interested to know your results. WINE is a 
difficult and time consuming beast to wrestle with, but I'm willing as a last 

Although I appreciate any clues to why this particular stream doesn't play AT 
ALL on my (or any other?) Linux boxes, I didn't post here for help with 
avifile. Avifile specific replies should be sent off-list. I'd like to get at 
least the Windows Media Player working with WINE. Perhaps I need to provide 
more information from the winedbg?

Warm Regards,

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