New to Wine (halflife upgrade fales)

Chris Berry compjma at
Tue Nov 26 19:56:47 CST 2002

>From: root <rawfam at>
>I looked at and the newest wine rpm for redhat 8.0
>is :

Is what?  Anyways, I personally like RPMs but in the case of wine, I had 
much better luck after compiling from source (which is not as hard as it 
sounds)  Basically you want to download the new version from CVS 
(instructions are on the winehq website) then unzip and read the README file 
which tells you how to compile the code(which mostly consists of running 
~/wine/tools/wineinstall or ./configure, make, make install)

>This is probably a stupid question but can I use one  for Mandrake >Cooker, 
>Mandrake or PLD Linux Distribution?

I wouldn't recommend it, although madrake is based off of redhat 5.0 there 
have been a number of significant changes since that would probably cause 
your install to be less than stable.

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