Which DLLs to use (was Re: Kazaa lite and mandrake 9)

Rick Romero rick at valeoinc.com
Wed Nov 27 11:45:47 CST 2002

On Mon, 2002-11-25 at 11:59, vodka at intoxicate.us wrote:
> So I guess using Windows 98's DLLs is better than using Windows XP's DLLs?
>  Should I get the DLLs off a 98 system and copy them to my Linux
> partition?  Because I can't get Kazaa to work and I'm using XP DLLs.

Yes, don't use XP DLL's.  Win98/ME are preferred 

(Sorry, if I already replied, trying to catch up.)
> > So after I added the config stuff, I copied those DLL's from a Win98
> > install, and put them in my ~/c/windows/system folder.
> >
> > I can now Search and Download.  (Didn't try anything else)
> > (though I still have to click 'No' on the upgrade immediately after the
> > window comes up, or it crashes)
> >
> > Other than Kazaa, I only have Pegasus Mail, and GetRight installed.
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