cabinet.dll broken?

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Thu Nov 28 04:59:02 CST 2002

> I'm trying to install MS Office 2000 on wine-20021125.
> I get an error from Office installer:
> Internal error 2352. Please contact Product support.
> I found an advice to repair my cabinet.dll in Microsoft Support pages.
> The file is in ~/c/windows/system, and it's readable. Does 
> anyone else have 
> problem with this?

Well. It might be that since very recently, Wine has builtin
stub implementation of cabinet.dll.

Of course it shouldn't be used automatically if have a cabinet.dll,
since I guess most people (including you) have a:

; default for all other dlls
"*" = "native, builtin, so"

entry in their config file.

You can force cabinet to native with
	wine --dll cabinet=n

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