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Kari Hurtta hurtta+wine at
Thu Nov 28 04:11:58 CST 2002

> > I am in the same boat,let me know if you make any progress and I will do
> > the same for you.
> > But I do have Visio 2000 working very nicely :-).
> > Might get brave and see what printing looks like, but need to get some
> > sleep.
> > -- 
> After changing to wine-20021125 I got same message than on first
> time (what I was not able to repeat):

And second time I got that same Error Installing iKernel.exe (0x1400)
window [error_installing.png] as second attempt with previous wine version. 
No any marshaling messages.

Script started on Thu Nov 28 12:05:01 2002
[hurtta at leija ~/win]$ wine /mnt/loop0/fwgui_NG_FP3_53254_2_Win/Disk1/Setup.exe
fixme:seh:check_resource_write Broken app is writing to the resource data, enabling work-around
[hurtta at leija ~/win]$ exit
Script done on Thu Nov 28 12:07:19 2002

/ Kari H.
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