half-life wine install running SLOW and no internet connection

mike rawfam at lvcm.com
Thu Nov 28 19:15:51 CST 2002

Hi all,

  I have a new install of:

Redhat 8.0

I installed halflife "wine mount/cdrom1/setup"
it installed just fine, sound test and every thing. When update tries to 
connect I get "Could not stat /mnt/fd0 (No such file or directory), 
ignoring drive A:
fixme:process:CreateProcessA (C:\Program Files\Sierra 
Could not stat /mnt/fd0 (No such file or directory), ignoring drive A:"
in my terminal window and get a window in half-life that says Title: 
SIGSPat Message: Your connection to the internet is invalid Please check 
your settings, and try again.
  Is there a place (maybe in the wine config file) that you can set your 
NIC path or something, and how/where do you do it?

I can run the hl.exe and it runs so slow that it is unplayable.

I get an error window in half-life when it starts but I click OK to it 
and it works (well kinda) it has this SLOW problem and can't connecto to 
the internet. ERROR: Could not open mci file for playback: 279: can not 
use "all" as a device name with the specified command.



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