JM5379 at JM5379 at
Mon Oct 7 07:57:50 CDT 2002

i'm using Wine 20020804 which came with my download of mandrake
9.0.  as a test i got a couple of games to install fine, now i'm
trying to install a product called Remedy Administrator (program
is admin.exe).  the install screen comes up fine but soon gives
me this popup error: Please install the latest version of
WinSock2 first before installing Remedy

i've checked around some but haven't found a separaqte program
called winsock2; i've also noticed there are winsock2 header
files as part of the wine system.  is winsock2 presumably
included as part of all default compiles and rpm's, or do i need
to reinstall from source with special .configure args?  or is
there an argument i need to include in my paths or definitions?

this is my first time with wine and i'm trying to use this as
justification for linux in our business environment since this
product does not currently have a linux offering, so any help is
doubly appreciated.


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