Winword 2000

Veres Imre imre.veres at
Mon Oct 14 10:16:21 CDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-10-14 at 15:36, Rizsanyi Zsolt wrote:
> On Monday 14 October 2002 14:45, Veres Imre wrote:
> > With wine 20020904 and Office 2000 Professional, everything works fine
> > but one thing: Word can't save. :-( This make all working functions
> >
> You should change the (stub == notimplemented) function:
> WriteFmtUserTypeStg to return S_OK instead of E_NOTIMPL.
> Its in one of the ole dlls...
> Then it will save. I'm not sure for the consequences, but it works for me...

Huh, works for me either but really creepy. I did some tests and found
that Word under wine makes cca. 20% bigger files than Word under Win2k,
but in the documents are no differences. No more consequences yet,
thanks for help! :-)

Imre Veres

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