window behavior

João Alfredo joaoalf at
Mon Oct 14 18:17:44 CDT 2002

Hello people,

I'm trying to run a cobol application under wine and I'm getting several
problems with forms windows. Some forms windows in my app are appearing
larger than the screen size (800x600) but the wm don't let me resize
then to see all the form. I already try setting the font size to a
smaller size but windows still get larger than the screen. I also tried
changing from GNOME to KDE but without success. What could be wrong?

Wine: 20021007 without windows (native msvcrt, commctrl, comctl32)
Linux: RH 7.3

Thanks in advance!

João Alfredo G. Batista <joaoalf at> ou <jagbdotx at>
* dotX Consultoria, Serviços e Conectividade
* Departamento de Desenvolvimento

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