Printing with wine

Duane Clark dclark at
Fri Oct 18 14:12:21 CDT 2002

Bub Slug wrote:
> Ooops, I guess a suject will get some of you to read this, hey?
> Hi All,
> Wondering if there is a document that tells how to get wine printing through
> a cups printer working?  Yes I know the wine docs say it's all magic and if
> you're using cups your printing will magically work, but for some reason, it
> doesn't, my wine session crashes and burns when I try to print from the
> built in notepad (or any other apps I've tried: in particular, Lotus Notes
> 5.0.11, but I don' think thats important yet).
> ...
> Notepad starts fine, I can type, save the doc, open another doc, except when
> I try and print, in notepad I select:
>         File > Print Setup
> and I get:
>         >fixme:commdlg:PRINTDLG_SetUpPrinterListComboA Can't find '(null)' 
> in
>                 printer list so trying to find default
>         >err:psdrv:PSDRV_FindPrinterInfo Error 2 getting PPD file name for 
> printer
>                 'HP DeskJet 1220C Printer'
>         >err:commdlg:PRINTDLG_ChangePrinterA DocumentProperties fails on "HP
>                 DeskJet 1220C Printer"

Well, I can print just fine with several apps under Wine (using CUPS and 
RH7.3). But I have never tried to print from notepad. So I tried it, and 
it doesn't work! Looks like a bug somewhere, and not a problem with your 
configuration. I guess whatever is breaking notepad is also breaking 
Lotus Notes.

You might want to check whether a bug is filed on that, and if not, 
maybe file a bug.

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