Installing Neverhood on wine 2002.10.07

Duane Clark dclark at
Sun Oct 20 11:05:09 CDT 2002

Robert Withrow wrote:
> :- Try first changing to the directory containing setup, then run it.
> Thanks.  I've tried just about every rational combination of cwd, arguments,
> etc.  I think I have a more basic problem.  Ever program I try to run ends up
> like this, when run with --debugmsg +all:
> 08074400:trace:reg:NtOpenKey (0x0,L"Machine\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\App Paths",f003f,0x28631204)
> wine client error:8074400: sendmsg: Bad file descriptor
> Maybe wine on FreeBSD is busted?

That's a bit different from your initial description ;)

Typically, if "nothing is working", I suspect two main culprits. The 
first is to check whether any old wine processes are running. "ps 
-ef|grep wine". If they are, kill them all and see if things start 
working better.

The second thing I suspect is multiple versions of the wine libraries. 
Take a look at the file /etc/, and check every path listed 
there to see whether any wine libraries were left lying around in one of 

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