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mcanedo wine at
Tue Oct 22 11:59:47 CDT 2002

I have Mandrake 9.0 with NO windows partition.
Wine version 20020804.
(Fresh installation from Mandrake)

As a first step I ran the winecheck script i found on

It founds tree items as CRITICAL.

Can anyone help how to solve this?


Here it's the complete output from the script:

[mcanedo at grupogcm-interno mcanedo]$ ./winecheck
This script verifies the configuration of the whole Wine environment.
Note that this is an ALPHA version, and thus it doesn't catch all problems !
The results of the checks are printed on the right side:
OK         - test passed without problems.
SUSPICIOUS - potentially problematic. You might want to look into that.
BAD        - This is a problem, and it leads to configuration score penalty.
CRITICAL   - A critical problem which can easily lead to malfunction.
FAILED     - This problem leads to Wine failure almost certainly.

The result will be printed as a percentage score indicating config 

--------------------------- checking Wine base files 
001. Checking for file "wine"...                            OK.
002. Checking for correct .so lib config (please wait)...   Use of 
 value in split at ./winecheck line 232.
DEBUG: found libwine:

----------------------------- checking config file 
003. Checking config file access...                         OK.

>>> Checking drive A settings:
004.  Checking Path option...                               OK.
005.  Checking Type option...                               OK.
006.  Checking device /dev/fd0...                           OK.
007.  Checking Filesystem option...                         OK.
--> OK.

>>> Checking drive C settings:
008.  Checking Path option...                               OK.
009.  Checking Type option...                               OK.
010.  Checking Filesystem option...                         OK.
--> OK.

>>> Checking drive D settings:
011.  Checking Path option...                               OK.
012.  Checking Type option...                               OK.
013.  Checking Filesystem option...                         OK.
--> OK.

>>> Checking drive E settings:
014.  Checking Path option...                               SUSPICIOUS 
(mcanedo                               does not exist !).
- ADVICE: create this directory or point Path to a real directory.
015.  Checking Type option...                               OK.
016.  Checking Filesystem option...                         OK.

>>> Checking drive F settings:
017.  Checking Path option...                               OK.
018.  Checking Type option...                               CRITICAL (no 
Device option found -> CD-ROM labels can''t be read).
- ADVICE: add Device option and make sure the device given is accessible by 
019.  Checking Filesystem option...                         OK.

>>> Checking drive G settings:
020.  Checking Path option...                               SUSPICIOUS 
(/mnt/compacw is not writable for you).
- ADVICE: If your user account is supposed to be able to access
it properly, use chmod as root to fix it ("man chmod"). If that doesn't help, 
change mount options in case of VFAT ("umask" option).
021.  Checking Type option...                               OK.
022.  Checking Filesystem option...                         OK.

>>> Checking drive M settings:
023.  Checking Path option...                               OK.
024.  Checking Type option...                               OK.
025.  Checking Filesystem option...                         OK.
--> OK.

--------------------- checking system devices used by Wine 
026. Checking sound device /dev/dsp...                      OK.
027. Checking audio mixer device /dev/mixer...              OK.
028. Checking MIDI sequencer device /dev/sequencer...       OK.

----------------------- checking registry configuration 
029. Checking availability of winedefault.reg entries...    CRITICAL (entry 
"SHAREDMEMLOCATION" not found in system.reg registry file).
- ADVICE: file winedefault.reg doesn't seem to have been applied using regapi.
030. Checking availability of windows registry entries...   CRITICAL (entry 
"Default Taskbar" not found).
- ADVICE: Windows registry does not seem to be added to Wine, as this typical 
Windows registry entry does not exist in Wine's registry. This can affect 
many newer programs. A complete original Windows registry entry set will 
*not* be available with a no-windows install, of course, so you'll have to 
live with that..

30 tests. 2 suspicious, 0 bad, 3 critical, 0 failed.
Wine configuration correctness score: 60.80%
[mcanedo at grupogcm-interno mcanedo]$

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