Printing with Wine

Graham Watkins graham.gingecat at
Wed Oct 23 14:49:46 CDT 2002

Hi Y'all.

I'm a relative newcomer to Wine, never having done much more than play
Freecell with it until now.

But right now, I'm trying to get an old program - Claris Works 3 (pc 
version) working under it.  Everything is fine until I attempt to print 
with it - then, I get an error message saying that the printer cannot be 

The printing section of the Wine config file looks like this:

"LPT1:" = "|lpr"
"LPT2:" = "|gs -sDEVICE=bj200 -sOutputFile=/tmp/fred -q -"
"LPT3:" = "/dev/lp3"

This is not a Claris Works specific problem.  Word can find the 
(windows) printer but states there is a problem with it and recommends 
re-installation. (There is no problem under Windows).

I'd be prepared to settle for the ability to print to a postscript file 
that I can print out under linux.

I'm using Mandrake 8.2 and running Codeweavers Wine build 20020904-7.

All constructive advice gratefully received.


Graham Watkins

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