Windows program detects debugger and quits

Peter Andersson kanelballe at
Fri Oct 25 12:31:24 CDT 2002

Maybe this program checks the debugging processor registers

Wine Gurus out there: Could this be the explanation?

The ptrace syscall which Wine uses,setup the process in debug mode
(thus using the debug registers). Probably some kind of copy 
protection in the ACR program checks the debug registers somehow.

I believe wine is heavily dependent of the ptrace call (correct me if Im 
wrong, Wine gurus),  for example for catching DOS interupts.
Unless there is a way to turn off ptrace calls in Wine, or you hack your
app to not do these checks, you wont be able to run your program.


On Thursday 24 October 2002 01.49, Paul wrote:
> I am trying to run a windows program called ACR with Wine on a Mandrake
> system. The install goes beautifully (thanks to all of those hardworking
> programmers!). But when I try to run ACR it complains that Windows is being
> run in Debug mode and quits.
> This is also what happened when trying to run ACR on Win4Lin. Does this
> make running ACR hopeless on any emmulator or is there a way around this?
> Thanks!
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