System Warning with Starcraft

Nick Milosevic n5k at
Fri Oct 25 18:26:08 CDT 2002

I currently have wine-20021007 installed.
I installed starcraft and all went well
then i went to run the game and a message box comes up that says:
Your system does not apear to be correctly configured.  This problem may 
be corrected by changing the virtual memory settings for Windows.  
Ensure that your system has at least 20 megabytes of free disk space, 
then check your virtual memory settings:

For Windows 95:
    Select "Settings - Control Panel" from the "Start" menu
    Run the "System" control panel applet
    Select the "Performance" tab, and press "virtual Memory"
    Use the "let Windows manage my virtual memory..." option

etc... it also shows the steps for windows NT.

at the bottom of the message box it says:

Press "continue" to play Starcraft or "exit to leave the program.
then has the continue and exit buttons... When i press continue my 
screen turns black and just sits there.  I can run other starcraft 
things though like the map editor, does anyone know what's wrong?

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