Windows setup requires 486?

Duane Clark dclark at
Mon Oct 28 11:07:53 CST 2002

Dave Walton wrote:
> What's the deal with Windows setup?
> I tried running setup to see if I could install Windows 98 in Wine to
> set up the necessary dlls and such, and it complains "Windows 98 requires
> a computer with an 80486 processor or higher."  I'm running a P-II.  Does
> Wine report back something other than the actual processor, or is there
> something else going on?

You can't install Windows in Wine. You can install Windows on a separate 
partition and then use it in conjunction with Wine. Or copy over DLLs 
and fonts. But first you probably should just try whatever apps you are 
interested in without bothering with Windows at all.

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