Overiding builtin DLL's for Dreamweaver

Dave Malone dave at dewhead.net
Tue Oct 29 23:01:56 CST 2002

Trying to get DW to run and ran into a snag.

I installed it on a Windoze machine and copied the directory over, and
then copied all the dll's I could find in that directory to my system
and system32 directories on the fake drive.

When I go to run DW it crashes with javascript errors.  Wine then core
dumps.  When I run this from a terminal window I see some errors pop
up as it goes along.  The Builtin32 module complains that it can't get
the builtin dlls (.so) for a couple dll's that are the cause of the
javascript errors.

I have tried setting the DLLOVERIDE in my config file to tell wine to
use the native dll's that I have copied, but wine doesn't want to
listen I guess.  Is there somewhere else that I can overide which
dll's wine uses when running a program??

I have a feeling once I get wine to use the native dll's all will work
for me and I will be soooo happy.

This is on FreeBSD 4.7 Current with Wine 20021007

thanks for any suggestions

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