Half-Life, hanging on "loading" screen (singleplayer)

Peter Kirk pwk.linuxfan at gmx.de
Sun Sep 1 18:22:28 CDT 2002


I installed Half-Life via wine on to boxes today, one with a Voodoo3 and one 
with a TNT-2, everything went fine, upgraded to the newst Half-Life Version 
( Now: On the Voodoo3 box, I can play singleplayer, works like charm 
(maybe a bit choppy sometimes, but that's barable.
On the TNT-2 box, when I go singleplayer, after "Loading..." wine gives "wine: 
Unhandled exception, starting debugger...", and indeed starts the debugger. I 
tried todays cvs, the latest snapshot, and a "older" snapshot, on the Voodoo3 
box it worked with cvs (not with the most recent snapshot), oh the TNT-2 box, 
all versions I tried showed the described behavior....
Could you help me in geting Half-Life singleplayer to work please ?

Thanks in advance
Peter Kirk
"Might as well be frank, monsieur.  It would take a miracle to get you
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