massive slowdown in wine-20020904

eNTi nt- at
Sun Sep 8 16:26:02 CDT 2002

hi everyone.

i've patched my wine source (20020804) with the patch (20020904) and recompiled it. but when i tried out if everything would work again, i found that all has become worse than before. the programs (as far as they worked) now work REALLY slow. if anyone ever tried out half life (at least the menu works for me) knows that it takes a while until the menus are redrawn again. but now i have to wait for about 10 seconds or longer until this happens. i've played  stronghold without any negative issues with the 20020804 release but now all is slow and choppy. anyone knows why wine is getting worse and worse all the time (i can remember a version of wine where even starcraft worked quite well, but now it wouldnt even start)? i'm lost...


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