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Tue Sep 10 06:53:36 CDT 2002

Thanks for the reply!

I tried the instructions on Frank's IE5.5 page, including copying all
the files and directories to my ~/.wine/fake_windows/ directory (except
jsnl.dll, which I could not find...)

I do not know if dcom95 exists somewhere in one of the directories that
I copied across, but I know that exactly the same thing happens when I
try to run IE on the Windows partition (instead of in fake_windows).

When I get home to my Linux machine I will try setting the connection to
a LAN connection. (Do I just go into Tools | Internet options and select
it there?)

Thanks again,

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Martin Polley wrote:

>I am trying to get IE5.5 to work on Codeweavers Wine (20020411-6).
>It runs OK, but I get a dialog saying that "Dial Up Networking could 
>not be started."
>How do I get it to use kppp (which is already connected)? I have tried 
>setting "Com1 = "/dev/modem"" (and Com2, 3 etc.), in ~/.wine/config, 
>but it does not help.
>Any ideas?

set your connection to lan or get crossover office as it supports IE 5.5
....... Did you install dcom 95 ? you have to have dcom 95 before 
ie 5.X will work.
I will help if i can let me know if you need futher help......

also see :

Frank is a friend of mine :)


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