wine initialising... then nothing

Frank Bax fbax at
Tue Sep 10 18:53:14 CDT 2002

Thanks.  It smelled like the kind of problem where I'd have to delete 
something.  But I'm still quite new to the Linux world.  WPO2000 installs 
as an application.  How do I find out the command line to start it up from 


At 07:25 PM 9/10/02, Nick Capik wrote:
>The socket file probably still exists.  If you run it from a shell, it will
>tell you which file must be deleted.
>Nick Capik
>On Tuesday 10 September 2002 07:13 pm, Frank Bax wrote:
> > I installed WPO2000 on RedHat 7.2 - it worked fine for a while.  I used the
> > updated install scripts and Mr. Torrie's CorelWine rpm.  It has been
> > working fine for a couple of weeks (and continues to do so on another
> > machine).  Now when I start the WP application, I get a window that says
> > "Wine initializing...", then it goes away (a little too quickly, I think),
> > and then... nothing.  Any ideas?  Is this likely a wine problem?
> >
> > Frank

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