Is wine *always* mapping threads onto processes? (Was: Re: multiple instance

Tom Williams tomdkat at
Wed Sep 11 10:17:06 CDT 2002

Frank Joerdens wrote:

> Would top give false
> information here about RAM consumption?

Well, now that you know that "ps" shows threads as processes on Linux, EACH thread
for that processes should show the SAME about of RAM usage.  If this is always the
case, it's just up to you to interpret the "ps" output properly.  If there was a case
that an instance of a thread for a process would be reported as using a DIFFERENT
amount of RAM, then you might be somewhat concerned.

If the thread implementation on Linux is changed in the future, then the "ps" output
might be different.

In other words, I think "top" and "ps" wouldn't "lie" about resource usage.  The
display of the resource usage is just different than what you are used to seeing.
 Keep in mind, Windows NT and later was designed as multi-threaded OSes from day one
and threads on Unix were added later on......



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