Is wine *always* mapping threads onto processes? (Was: Re: multiple inst

Tom Williams tomdkat at
Wed Sep 11 10:20:48 CDT 2002

Frank Joerdens wrote:

> Just for sheer politeness' sake, so as not to scare the likes of myself,
> it might just somehow say: Hey, I'm a thread and this is not *really*
> memory consumed all for myself alone, but shared amongst my sisters and
> brethren . . . ;)

I would guess the people who implemented threads on Linux probably figured the
person who would even interrogate system resource usage via "top" or "ps" would
most likely know what they were looking at in the first place.... :)  Even on
Windows, I think MORE people access the "Task Manager" to see what "Applications"
are running than who look at the raw process list.

Just consider this difference between Linux and Windows since there will be many
more like this that you will encounter.....

Good luck!



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