Is wine *always* mapping threads onto processes? (Was: Re: multiple instance

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Wed Sep 11 10:42:23 CDT 2002

To be sure, be the same as Saint Thomas:
issue a free before and after the launch of wine app.
So you'll see that the application uses only 32 MB, instead of 160.

> Then it probably doesn't. That Linux lists threads like processes
> would
> explain it, kind of. What still bothers me a little though is that if
> I
> start the application under Windows 2000, in the Task-Manager I see
> exactly one instance consuming 32 MB of RAM, whereas top under Linux
> shows 5, consuming 32 MB each, or so it seems. Would top give false
> information here about RAM consumption?

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